Precision Air Conditioning

Gartner’s precision air conditioning business caters to data centers and other high BTU applications for any consultation, design, installation or maintenance needs.

Our Liebert USA certification allows us to provide factory authorized start-up and extended factory warranties for any related HVAC equipment.


The cost of downtime is high, with any interruption in service causing loss of profits and customer goodwill. Gartner’s temperature control solutions specialize in addressing the distributed cooling needs of today’s data and computing centers where electronics are more sensitive to variations in humidity and air quality than typical comfort cooling environments. Gartner’s precision cooling systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of dense electronic loads, dry heat environments and year round, 24/7 cooling.


Although comfort-cooling systems are often used for sensitive electronics as a short-term cost saving measure it is more economical in the long run to invest in precision cooling systems for such applications. They are designed and sized for the always on cooling requirements and year round operation of the data center, which makes them more reliable and less likely to cause service outages. This makes precision cooling systems the most cost-effective solution for sensitive electronics.