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Precision Air Conditioning

Precision Air Cooling Systems

Why a Precision Cooling System? We all know the value of comfort cooling in our lives but, Precision Air Conditioning is designed to handle the continuous BTU loads seen with IT Equipment Industry. This technology solution ensures the peace of mind most business owners seek when protecting mission critical systems from operating outside their designed temperature and humidity parameters.  Gartner is partnered with Liebert System USA to provide turnkey design, installation and service of precision cooling systems. Our certification level with Liebert allows us to provide factory authorized start-up and extend factory warranties.

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The cost of downtime is high, with a short interruption causing the potential loss of productivity, profits and customer goodwill. Business critical computers are no longer clustered only in one centralized location. Many organizations today have multiple data centers, including smaller centers at remote locations. Precision cooling systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of dense electronic loads, which generate a dryer heat than typical comfort cooling environments and require year round, 24-hour cooling.
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Electronics are also more sensitive to variations in humidity and air quality than typical comfort cooling environments. When a decision is made to accept the increased risk of using comfort-cooling systems for sensitive electronics, it is usually based on higher initial costs of the precision cooling system. But, because precision cooling systems are designed and sized for the high sensible cooling requirements and year round operation of the data center, they are less expensive to operate over their life than comfort systems.

Consequently, when initial costs and operating costs are both taken into account, precision-cooling systems actually represent the most cost-effective solution to cooling sensitive electronics.


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