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Facility Management

web enabled building solution

Your window into the inter-working’s of your buildings Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, as well Lighting & Access Control. 

Gartner is your regional Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI) 

Building Control

From your Honeywell WEBs enabled building solutions, we will streamline the time it takes you to monitor & adjust for occupant comfort. Your WEBs solution is designed to be open for complete integration of all other building subsystems. This flexibility in centralized control optimizes scalability and management efficiency for a smart building solution.

Alarm notification

Facility Management efficiency starts with the proper set-up of building alarms and ends with using your graphical user interface to troubleshoot problems quickly.  


A facility management dashboard comes in all shapes and sizes, it should answer one question who is your audience.

Dashboards today can be educational, informational, or for tracking energy savings. 

Lighting & access control

Using your HVAC Facility Management System to manage your lighting and access control system is a natural fit. Honeywell does a great job combining the different technologies into a single plateform. 

Return on Investment

– Increased Management Efficiency

– Increased HVAC System Efficiency

– Third Party Integration 

– Utility Savings

Free up your time with management efficiency

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