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Providing the kind of service that really gets people’s attention requires continuous evaluation of the customers needs, the ability to assemble a team of competent craft technicians, and the administrative staff to address the ever increasing accounting demands of today’s business environment.  Quality service is something that Gartner Refrigeration continuously strives to achieve by openly seeking customer feedback and addressing customer concerns at the times when we haven’t measured up to their expectations.  Our “service first” philosophy carries through to all aspects of Gartner Refrigeration, enabling us to provide our customers with quality professional services and solutions to satisfy the needs of today’s ever-changing business requirements.

Gartner Performance Goals

Works with and supports local wholesalers – Regularly attends manufacture held trainings – Provides a merit based team culture – Maintains industry standard safety program – Works to support local business clients – Steps up to support unfavorable situations – Regularly holds in-house trainings – Maintains State and Manufacture Licenses – Provide employees a professional growth plan – Regularly analyzes public feedback – Shares product updates with customer base – Reviews performance goals

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